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I hope this thread will get those people that know solutions to some of these issues or can post your problems that you're having... So far my 4665f has 4-5 coulds and constant green flashes that started last night on my dish network HD DVR, haven't witnessed any on other inputs... I called Samsung tech support and the guy said he's never heard of this, typical response from morons that work there and call themselves tech support... By reading some info off google someone was able to iliminate the green flash problem by getting Monster Ultra 800 HDMI cable... I don't mind buying it but I'm not going to spend another $120 to replace my $80 existing HDMI cable if thats not a 100% solution...

My 2 ??? are is there anyone on here with no clouds at all on xx65f?

Anyone know for sure solution for green/pink flashes?

Post your problems and answers!
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