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I wnet to Samsung's website to see if I could see any new information on the 1080p models...and what do I see?

HLM models and news articles from 2002!

Geesh, one woudl think that they would update their pages! No wonder they delayed the 1080p models, they can't even keep their website up to date. LOL!

The new and latest HLM models (lol!)


look under news..only 4 articles (3 from Sept 2002, one from Dec 2002)

top one is from 2002

nothing like progress..embrassing the new technolgies and feeling proud enough to post them on world wide accessable wed sites. GEESH!

Maybe Samsung pulled the webmaster off web maintence duties to concentrate on designing the xHD3 models with 200,000 rpm color wheels? fastest rainbows ever!

Maybe someone could pass the word on to Steve at Samsng that their website is way out of date and needs attention badly? If they don't want to maintain it, they should just close down their website, since it is embarrassing to be 2 models behind!
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