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Doug Myrland posted this on the hdtv.forSanDieog.com site:

Dear KPBS-HD viewers: Although our attempt to broadcast the recent gubernatorial debate live in HD was not successful, we have obtained an HD copy of the tape and as a public service will give you multiple chances to view it over the next several days. The schedule supercedes any previously announced or scheduled programming on KPBS-DT:

DEBATE: CALIFORNIA DECIDES 2003 airs on High Definition channel...

Fri 10/03/03 10:00AM

Fri 10/03/03 12:30PM

Sat 10/04/03 06:00AM

Sat 10/04/03 01:30AM

Sat 10/04/03 09:00PM

Sun 10/05/03 07:00AM

Sun 10/05/03 10:30AM

Sun 10/05/03 02:30PM

Sun 10/05/03 12:30AM

Mon 10/06/03 08:00AM

Mon 10/06/03 03:30PM

Mon 10/06/03 11:30PM

Also, programming highlights for October and November have been distributed to our HD viewer email list. To be added to the distribution list, email me at [email protected]

Regards--Doug Myrland, GM, KPBS
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