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I want to buy an MP3 recorder that includes the capability to record FM talk shows (NPR mostly) as well as to play the old time radio shows of the 40s that I have on discs as .mp3 files. I have narrowed my choices down to a couple of units, including the Sansa View in either 8GB or 16GB size. There are no stores within 100 miles where I might see these, so I have to buy online or wait several months. So I need help with the following questions and would really appreciate anybody's help. I have never burned mp3 files, although I do know about other digital video and computer stuff, so be easy on the tech talk, please.

The website here has the specs for these units:

1. Does this unit allow me to end a show in the middle and then the next time I listen it picks up from that point? (Remember, these are NOT songs but fairly long talk shows.) I think the term is "bookmarking" but I'm not sure.

2. How many GB storage do I really need in order to download a movie or a tv show to this? I'd only do it occasionally when we travel.

3. Some sites say that you can't replace these batteries when they die even though it's clearly marked as a rechargeable battery. What does "INTERNAL" mean regarding the battery specs? (see the site above for exact wording.)

4. Is the best way to store all the shows I want to listen to on individual memory cards? (I think this unit uses SD, but I don't know if it takes HD SD. By the way, can a memory card in a dig. camera also be used in an MP3 player as long it's the right size/brand?

5. Are extended warranties available for these units and are they worth the cost since the units cost over $150 each online???

6. Do these units work with generic rechargers and generic speaker docks? Will they work with a wireless speaker system??

PLUS, If you think this is the wrong unit to buy, which one would you suggest knowing that I'm only interested in hearing old and new radio shows, and NOT songs where sound qual. is a issue?

Thank you for helping me not waste my money.

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1. yes

2. depends on the format used.

3. mine has not died yet, so ive not tried to disasemble it yet.

4. i store mine on my computer hard drive.

5. yes, at least at radio shack where i got mine.

6.i have two ipods and a sansaview, i like the sansa view better.
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