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Sanus VMAA18s Mount Question

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Does anyone have this mount:

It swivels and extends up to 19.5" from the wall. I am thinking of mounting a 50" Panny on this. It would be mounted on a wall about 3 feet from the corner. Then I would like to extend the display out and swivel about 33-45 degrees from center.

Will this work?

How is this mount quality wise and ease of setup?

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This is the new, shorter arm version of the VMAA mount. I've got the original VMAA supporting a 42 Panny, which works fine. These single arm mounts do have some "play" in the level mechanism when extended off to the side, such as when used for corner or swing-out mounting. It's not an issue for straight-out extension usage.

You might also consider the dual arm VMDD if you need better off-axis leveling control for the 50" Panny. When I looked at Costco online recently, the single and dual arm versions were about the same cost.
Thanks for the reply.

Probably the dual arm mount would be better.

Anyone know the difference between the VMDD and the VMDD26?

Both list and extension of 25.75" but maybe a typo on the website.

Anyone have a pics of this mount in action?
The original VMDD (and VMAA) models are being replaced with model numbers suffixed with extension reach. So the original VMDD had a 25.75" extension and is now replaced by the VMDD26 (which also has some minor looking changes to the inner support arms and wall bracket). The VMAA now has both 18" and 26" extension versions.

Our local BestBuy has a VMDDb (black) mounted with a 63" Fujitsu plasma. It's smoother and more solid feeling than my VMAA. It also has a bigger wall mounting plate (26.3" wide), which didn't fit for me.
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