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Sanus wall mount for 7Uy ok ?

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I just bought my 7UY and already have this wall mount from Sanus https://www.sanus.com/cgi-bin/web_st...=8046414_16327 will it fit ? Or do i have to buy an adaptor or something ?
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It should fit.

I'm looking to get the Sanus VMPL50, which is cheaper and I've done the measuring to make sure it will work with the 7UY
Anyone tried the mount sold at WalMart (I forget the brand)? It looks pretty good for the price of $129.99.
Bump...Anyone got info on this?
Be advised that the cheaper Sanus wall mount is unadjustable, and in my application, some upward on downward tilt is essential. I saw a Sanus mount at BB for $199 and thought they had marked down the one I bought for $249, so I brought in my receipt hoping for a price match, but then discovered the difference is the lack of tilt control.
The Sanus VMPLs is a great mount.

I work at a SoundTrack/UE and we've sold a ton of those... great price and our installers love em because they work with pretty much any plasma, you don't need an adapter plate and they have a wide backplate so they accomodate non-standard stud spacing... plus you get tilt for the same price as many other flat mounts.
I am using the Sanus VMPL for my Panny 50PHD6UY. It is very sturdy and can be installed with only 2 wall studs if necessary (which I had to do to have it centered). It also allows about 3-4" of lateral adjustment to help with getting the display centered. The tilt feature is extremely useful for easier access to the display's inputs. However, this is NOT the mount for you if you want your display super flush with the wall. Using the longer spacers between the mount and the back of the display, the front of my display is 7.5 inches from the wall and about 4.5 inches from the wall to the back of the display. I find my installation to be very visually pleasing, but I know that others prefer getting their plasma display as close to the wall as possible.
For those looking, the Sanus mounts are priced very nicely at etronics dot com. I've dealt with these folks on some other purchases and had good luck. I've got a VMPL on order....will update once received.
Anyone have a more flush mounted mount for hte Panny's.?

the Sanus does stick far off the wall, which sucks for some installs.
I was looking at the Peerless PSWT ... anyone have that? it seems to be the lowest profile tilt mount I could find.

Hey George do you have a tilt mount on your setup?
I'm also looking for the lower profile tilt mounts out there. Sanus has an articulating arm that retracts to 2 3/4" from the all. But I'm afraid that the Panasonic consumer plasma I have may make it difficult to tilt because of the rounded bottom. Anyone have any input on problems associated with the consumer Panny's?
Why pay $200 at BB or even $129 for an unknown brand from Wally Mart? This Sanus "Vision Mount" model sells for $120 at Costco (dot com). Look under their TV accessories section.
Originally posted by DominoGold
Hey George do you have a tilt mount on your setup?

I had the Sanus, but it was very far off the wall to accomodate the tilt.

I don't want/use the tilt, so Daewoo offered a mount for this display that's very tight to the wall, maybe 2 inches.

You can tilt the bottom out to access the connections, but once they're in, I shouldn't need to get back there.
I found tiger direct dot com has Rhino Universal PLS3000 much cheaper than Sanus and if I am not mistaking is the same peace with diff. name.
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