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Sanyo 250w NSH Bulb

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The new portable Sanyo projectors, the PLV-60 (1300 lumen) and the XP30 (3000 lumen), appear to be essentially the same projector with the only difference being the LCD panels and for the XP30 the addition of MLA (I'm assuming), DVI and $4K list. Both appear to use the same 250w NSH bulb that Sanyo is switching to.

MLA appears to increase lumen output about 25% so compensating for this yeilds 2400 lumens for a non-MLA XP30.

The rest of the lumen difference is likely due to the difference in the efficiency of the respective panel technologies and/or tradeoffs between brightness and color accuracy/gray scale.

It would appear the PLV-60s Sony panels for some reason are significantly less efficient than the XP30's Epson panels (46% less efficient).

Anyone have any info on what the panel technology differences might be and to what degree, if any, color accuracy and/or gray scale differences might exist between these two machines or the XP21N?
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Perhaps light is lost because they didn't bother trying to make a reflector that would focus the light 0nto a 16:9 rectangle, and just mask it off.


How about Sanyo's new PLC-XP45 and PLX-XP40. Both has 3500 ANSI Lumens, 800:1 Contrast 200W UHP. MSRP on PLC-XP45 is $11995.
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