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Hello. I have a Sanyo DP42848 LCD 42" 1080p TV. It was purchased 2 weeks ago. Problem is an strong tendency to green color on image, mainly on dark scenes or in darker parts of the scene (like dark hair, night, shadows). Nothing that I can fix with color-tint controls. I wonder if it is due to an excess of "green", however I don't have access to the service menu (don't know how to get there). TV is of course in guarantee but I had to exchange it already since the first one I bought had several minor problems. I would prefer not having to take it back to Wally World to exchange it again for another one that might be even worse. If someone could help with this (why it happens, bad factory calibration?) and what would be wonderful: how to get into the service menu to see if I am able to tweak with colors, It will be very appreciated. Thanks!
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