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I have a Santo DP50747 that is 18 months old. One night it just turned itself off right in the middle of a show. When I went to turn it back on, the green LED power light came on, the power supply board 'clicked', but no picture or sound, and then after about 20 seconds the TV turned itself off again (the green LED power light went off).

After much web research, I figured that I would try to replace the power supply board. I replaced this board, turned the TV on, the green LED light came on, I had sound, but a very dark picture. After further investigation, I have determined that unplugging the X-Sustain Main board did not change the picture quality. This leads me to believe that the X-Sustain Main board needs to be changed.

My question is, would I also need to replace the Y-Sustain Main board or the Main Logic board? Unplugging the Y-Sustain board gives me a totally black picture, which leads me to believe that the Y-Sustain board is working, and that the X-Sustain board is the culprit.

My next issue, is it the X-Sustain board that is dead, or the Main Logic board is not feeding a signal to the X-Sustain board.

What would cause a very dark picture on a plasma screen?
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