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Sanyo Service Quality: Convergence?

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Has anyone set their PLV-60 (or other Sanyo projector) into Sanyo Service for convergence? If so, did they do a good job? Did you ask them to perform any other services?

My PLV-60 is off by about half a magenta pixel left and half a green pixel right. This is easily visible in both DVD cross-hatch patterns and the projector's own internal menus. There is a similar error vertically but with different colors.

Why can't manufacturese get this sort of stuff right the first time?

Frank L
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My Plv60 is in there right now for the very same thing. Hope to get it back soon. I hope they correct the problem.


My first Boxlight 38t (Sanyo XP21N clone) had some pretty bad convergence on the right half side of the screen (one green pixel shifted to the right). My second unit is a bit better but still is off. I had previously inquired on this forum about anyone using service mode on the Sanyo but nobody responded.

I am also interested in the Sanyo service mode adjustments.


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I'm interested as well. Anyone know how to access the service mode on a Sanyo XP21 (18, etc)?

I sent my Sanyo PLC 8800N (XGA) projector in for cleaning/convergence etc. They did a very good job, with quick turn around. It was well worth the cost.
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