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Sanyo Warranty service Contacts.

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I have heard from many members here about the great service from Sanyo, with quick turn arounds and shipping reimbursed to/from Sanyo.

How do you get the "ball rolling" on a claim? The only contact number for Sanyo warranty I have is on the small warranty postcard in the box of my PLV60.

it shows:

Customer Information: 1-800-421-5013

Parts Order INfo: 1-800-726-9662

I'd assume I would start with the "Customer Info" number above (?).

Bottom line: what number did you call and who did you talk to when you got your Sanyo projector serviced with shipping reimbursed?
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RGB, call the customer info numer. There are actually only a couple people in the service center anyway so don't worry about who you get.
Thanks, guys.
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