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Sanyo XP21N owners...please help

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I have wondered for the past week whether or nor I made the right decision on purchasing the PLV-60. Now, with the recent review on the PLV-60 at Projector Central I am wondering if I should have indeed purchased the XP21N instead.

I still have a week to return my PLV-60, so I would very much appreciate some feedback from any XP21N owners who could spare the time.

ALthough I am happy with the PLV-60, that is not to say it is perfection. The picture is very good, but it does have a slight graininess (or fuzziness to it). Dust seems to be a problem early on which is rather scary as this tends to get worse over time.

So, XP21N owners past or present please be candid and honest and help out those of us who are trying to make a decision between the PLV-60 and the XP21N. How is the picture? Do you notice any screen door or graininess? Have you had to defocus at all? Will it work well on a 16:9 GrayHawk screen? How has the dust issue been for you? Are there any strange glitches or problems that you've discovered?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!!


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I know buyers remorse is a common problem.

Do you watch much HDTV? When NOT watching HDTV do DVD's constitute 60% or more of your viewing?

If the answer to either or both of those is yes, *I'D* keep the PLV-60.


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Originally posted by akm3:
If the answer to either or both of those is yes, *I'D* keep the PLV-60.
Why? Just because the PLV-60 has a 16:9 native LCD panel doesn't mean it performs better.
I think you have it bass-ackwards; you're supposed to do the research *before* you buy!

I have a 21n and I'm delighted with it. The PLV-60 wasn't even a consideration--I watch as much 4:3 material as wide. Search this forum and you'll find everything you could want to know about it.

Like Smokey says, "Only *you* can prevent forest fires!"

the greyhawk is better suited to the 21n than the plv-60 because it requires a little extra light than a white screen would due to the lower gain.

also, if you watch many dvd's, the plv-60 is not automatically the better choice because i have been told that the graininess is due to the upscaling from 480 to 780.

good luck to you. i haven't purchased yet but will be buying one of them. i am leaning towards the 21N.
I own a 21N and I am very happy with it. Let me qualify that: I own a 21n with a quadscan... The internal scaler of the 21n is not very good. Without the quadscan, the picture does look grainy. The colors are magnificent and the blacks are pretty black.

It the scaler bucko!

Methinks the PLV-60 probably has the same weakness. The laments I am reading sound like my lament before the Qscan. So... If you want a Sanyo LCD, Plunk down the add'l dough for a scaler.


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I have an XP21n.

I could not be happier!

Of course ther are minor gripes, but nothing worth mentioning again really.

I use a Quadscan and the image is great, even for NTSC.

I think the point above is interesting- that the graininess is potentially induced by the internal scaler.

As the PLV-60 offers more DVD Resoltuion, it makes sense that the scaler could introduce more graininess (at least it makes some sense to me).

Look, unless your viewing is more than 50% HDTV I suggest the XP21. Even if you watch many DVD's I would still get the XP21 - I think there is no substiture for raw brightness, and the MLA is good too.

As mentioned, DVD is 480 lines right now, so I don;t really care whether I watch it carved in a 576 pixel high section or a 768, both are more than the original


Please get a Scaler to use with it- a quadscan for under $1k will make you smile.

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Originally posted by Dan G:
Please get a Scaler to use with it- a quadscan for under $1k will make you smile.
Thanks for the report. I was wondering if any XP-21N owners have a progressive scan DVD and how that compares to a scaler.
I chatted with someone about that a while back. The conclusion he came to that I liked (or maybe it was my conclusion???) was that the projector does a good job with 480p input via component. I have personally not seen it, but some of the early positive reviews without a scaler used the 480p input via component.

On the other hand, 480p via VGA was not as good, which was an indication they used different processing, which Sanyo did confirm (Video input processing better than VGA)

I've had the XP21N for 3 months and I'm very satisfied with it. The picture is smooth and colourful. Generally no screen door provided you defocus the image ever so slightly. I found the QuadScan Pro wasn't necessary; though I see others here say it helps. I'm considering getting a line conditioner as I'm noticing that the picture seems better during off peak (electricity) hours.
Line conditioner does help, and I found something even better.

IT is an industrial power conditioner, that sometimes you can find surplus. Works like a charm. I am trying to grab some extras fomr NEW MExico.

Drop me an e-mail and I will tell you more.

I'm using a PLV-60 with a Radeon HTPC at 1360x768 72Hz and a Dish 6000. Both are connected via the RGBHV input via a switcher.

DVD images are excellent so are HDTV images. If you plan to use a Dish 6000 note that it displays 4x3 material only in the 4x3 section of the 16x9 window (to get full 4x3 you must put it in non-HDTV mode and I assume connect it via S-Video - I haven't tried this).

I have not seen the XP21N so I can't comment on the tradeoff between brightness and resolution. Given the beauty of HDTV images on the PLV-60, the great upscaling provided by the radeon and the ability to use the full PLV-60 resolution for general PC display, IMHO it provides advantages that mitigate its lower light output (1300 real lumens is still pretty bright, i.e. its better than a calibrated G15 with a panamorph).

One other item that has not been discussed anywhere is the difference in the bulbs between the PLV-60 and the XP21N. The PLV-60 uses a 250w NSH bulb; the XP21N uses a 200w UHP bulb. It's not clear why Sanyo made this change and why the light ouput is so different. The non-MLA XP18N has an output of 2000 lumens so MLA only explains part of the difference. I'm guessing that Sanyo chose a different bulb at least partly to improve the color gamut of the PLV-60 since they new it would be used for HT. Would anyone that has carefully compared both units care to comment? I can say that the PLV-60 reproduces the Displaymate color shading tests quite well.

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Dan G,

I am the proud owner of an XP21N(actually a Boxlight38) a Quadscan Pro, Grayhawk 87.5" 4:3 screen and a Monster Cable HTS2500 line conditioner. It will all be arriving in approximately one week. As this is fairly close to your setup, anny suggestions for what to do or not to do? Thanks for everyone's help in my decision!!!
As for teh bulb difference.

Your thoughts on color are interesting, but I think they are optimistic thoughts.

My personal, pessimistic thoughts, are that they can put out a PLV-60 now with the 1300 lumens, still get tons of customers, then roll out a higher output model in a few months once initial demand dies down, and make money all over again.

Jaron- congrats on your new toys!

Not much to worry about here, pretty plug and play.

I knocked the Blue down a tick or two, on the Sanyo, knowcked the brightness down 5 or 6 ticks on the Quadscan, and was off. With a Greyhawk this may not be necessary.

Make sure your ouput resoltuion on the Quadscan is XGA, thats pretty much it.

When you get everything e-mail me if you have any questions or problems and I will tell you what I can.

[email protected]

Personally, I have been so busy I still have not AVIA calibrated the DVD player, and everything still looks peachy great.

Consider a Whisperflow hushbox maybe. I have not gotten one yet, but it seems wel worht the investment to protect our expensive projectors.

I am having very positive intiial results with an industrial power conditioner, but I want to make sure it is really helping as much as I think before I start posting specifically.

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