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Sanyo Z2 with Denon 2910

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Hi, I got the denon 2910 a week ago and i'm still in calibration modus :rolleyes: as there are so many options on the 2910 that I'm not sure I've still got the best out of it. I'm well pleased with the picture on the 2910 with DVI to Z2. However I'm not sure what IRE to use and if enhanced black is best or not.

Are there any other out there that has the Z2 and the denon 2910 I would appreciate input on the setup you are using.

Keep in mind im using the PAL version. Still waiting for updated firmware to get it region free. So I've only tested PAL DVE yet. Might test NTSC DVE tonight to see if there are any differences.

On my HK25 over component I got better blacks from NTSC than from PAL movies.
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I have the IRE at 0 and the enhanced at normal i.e. off.

I have calibrated the PAL with the Calibrator disc but it was no good. Any way I have the z2 on one step over mid colour wise. I also lowered the gamma. I have pretty high brightness. Hmm very abstract here. I will put in the exact numbers tonight.

Anyway. I also checked the z2 manual and as you said, harol, in 720p the update is in 60hz (PAL 25hz). That is why I get these strange flash/parts of picture does not follow the rest. I am really confused that the z2 doesn't change frequency depending on signal i.e NTSC or PAL. If I change to 576p the picture behaves just fine but it is not as good PQ as 720p. Does anyone know if I can change this in the service menu? Since my player is not yet region free I cannot test if the NTSC flows smoothly- 60hz and 30 frames/s would be a killer.


I think we just have to live with 720p at 60hz if you want to use that mode in PAL. It's a flaw with Z2 that seems to have made some problems in the HTPC camp as well. There's no way to change it as far as I know, I have looked in the service manual as well but can't find the refresh rate mentioned there. Maybe there's a way in factory mode.

I'm gonna test DVE NTSC tonight to see how that performs as there's no region code on the DVE.

I'm just using 1080i for now with PAL and I'm still very happy with the details, although I think it's a nodge better in 720p but it annoys me when half the picture moves a bit compared to the other half.

When it comes to the picture itself, I can't seem to get good details in the black area. However I realised yday that my wife have returned som curtains for something and my neighbours light creates a lot of light on the screen. So i'm gonna wait with calibration until those get returned and it's darker in the living room.
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