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I just read this thread in the "Display Calibration forum" here:

I have couple question regarding how to use the different menus items in the Z2000. I'm using an Eye-One LT probe along with the ColorHCFR software.

1- Which mode should you start with? (Pure, Natural, Brilliant Cinema)?

2- As suggested in the thread, I guess I should start with a 50% IRE pattern and adjust the RGB parameters.

3- Then should I try to adjust all 0 - 100% IRE steps using the custom RGB Gamma?

4- For colors, Can I just play with the Color/Tint and the CMS and target each primaries and secondaries to match the "triangle" points?

5- Any other hints about Lamp mode, HDMI mode, Brightness/Contrast or any other menu item, you could think of?

I really feel I can obtain some good results, but really not sure how to proceed.

Thank you

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