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Sanyo Z4 Color Calibration Problem

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I have a Sanyo PLV Z4 I just got off of Ebay. I am projecting onto a light gray screen. I cannot get the colors on the screen to look right. There is a pinkish push to the images, the sky is greenish, and flesh colors are not natural. I am using DVE to calibrate the colors but it is not helping.

I reset the projector so no other calibrations are stored in the system. I have attached three photos that explain my problem. Has anyone run into this? In the first pic the lower left and upper right blocks are supposed to be blue not almost black. In all three pics you'll notice a lack of blue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, the bulb has 1800 hours on it and is starting to dim. I am using a DVD player hooked up through component.

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First thing to check is the projector menu. If it is also affected, the projector has a problem. If not, then check your cable, check your source, try a different source, try a different input. Basic troubleshooting to narrow down exactly where the problem is.
Good call on the source. I switched to another DVD player using HDMI and the colors are good.
I'm sure you were greatly relieved to see a good image after your investment. Now that you know it isn't the projector, you can go back check the other DVD player using another component cable, or even a different output, such as standard video.

Is the DVD player actually bad or did you get a bad cable or perhaps just reverse the Red and Blue connectors? That's what you want to determine now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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