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Ok couldn't remember my old account so registered new account. We have a Z4 which we bought new years and years ago and it has performed like a champ until recently with a strange problem. When we switch over to HDMI input for the PS3 after being switched over for 10-20 minutes the pj shuts off. It started off as being we could have it on HDMI for a few hours and then it would shut off but over the past few months the time it stays on is getting shorter. I have heard of HDMI cables going bad so I switched out the cables to no avail. I tried switching from "standard" to "enhanced" HDMI input with no luck. Next I hooked up the PS3 in the bedroom and tried both cables and it worked fine. Called up Sanyo tech support and they were clueless, they tell me they have never heard of such a thing!! Any help would be much appreciated!!
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