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Sanyo Z60 best choice for smallish room?

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I'm looking to upgrade from my ancient infocus X1 (800x600 dlp) for both movies and games.

I'm in a smallish living room, shooting and viewing from about 10', happy with an 80-90'' display. I've got white walls, but the room stays pretty dark, so with those specs it doesn't seem like brightness is a big concern.

I've never played games through my projector before, but I'm buying a 360 so I can convert to a more social gaming setup, and console to projector sounds pretty fun to me.

It looks like the PLV-Z60 is the choice for me; right price and I doubt I would benefit much from 1080p for movies at that screen size -- and it certainly wouldn't make any difference to the xbox since none of the games are rendered > 720p.

Anyone want to try to talk me out of it in favor of panasonic or epson, or am I making a good call?
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I think the Sanyo would be a great choice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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