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SAP, ReplayTV, and connection choices

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I stumbled on a web page that indicated that ReplayTVs do not record the SAP (Secondary Audio Programming, I think) signal, but that Tivo has an option (perhaps global for _all_ recordings) to do record SAP (presumably in substitution for the regular audio). Certainly I couldn't find any way to get SAP on my Replay.

Previously, I didn't care about SAP at all, it is most often used for spanish dubbing, as far as I can tell, which doesn't help me. However, my mother-in-law speaks Mandarin and has recently been using my Replay to record Chinese soap operas. One she has recently wanted to watch is transmitted in Cantonese with Mandarin available via SAP.

I'm wondering:

1) Is the lack of SAP support not an issue for most ReplayTV users?

2) If Replay offered SAP support, would this mean that it would only be available if you were using Replay's tuner (or the coax input)?

The ReplayTV faq ( http://replayfaq.leavensfamily.com/ ) did not seem to address this issue, which leads me to think that not many people care.

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I've had Replay devices for a while now and never thought of a use for SAP, until recently. Cartoon Network runs dubbed Japanese anime, but could run the Japanese audio in SAP and then have the subtitles in the closed captions. I started to look into who I should contact at CN and realized that I might have problems in not being able to hear the SAP or see the captions with my Replay 5040.
Yup, spanish isn't really a concern because it is almost alway spanish

english, but foreign shows are sometimes broadcast in two different

dialects or foreign language as primary and english as secondary.

I'm not sure if cable boxes support setting the audio to SAP but that

could theoretically be a way for you to record SAP channel as primary,

however I suspect many boxes just pass through the signal and leave

it up to the television to decode.
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Cable boxes and directv boxes support SAP generally for the TVs that are older and don't have SAP built in.

That might be the best bet.
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