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I've spent the weekend building my first HTPC and pretty much all's well - it's even nice and quiet! Except..

The fan on my graphics card basically switches itself on and off every 20 seconds... I can watch the GPU temperature in CCC - it starts at 55 degrees, takes 10 seconds to get to 63 degrees. Then the fan comes on - the temperature drops to 55 degrees (10 seconds). The fan switches off. Repeat. ad (literally) nauseum.

It's driving me spare! I'd be happier if it was on all the time :-/ The card (it says v2.0 in the corner of the box - can't find any reference to this) has a big fan on it (so needs the space of two slots).

Also, I can't control the fan speed in CCC - I can move the slider but nothing happens - I'm on the latest drivers from the ATI website.

I've searched relatively thoroughly, but come up with nothing. I've seen some people talking about removing/replacing the fan - and found a link to a fanless heatsink which is (allegedly) compatible with the 4950 chipset - but I've no idea if that means if it's physically compatible with the board as well.

I've also seen some reference to the fact that Sapphire boards use non-standard fans - which might explain why I can't control it in CCC. although I'd rather not set the fan to a constant speed - I'll just end up overheating it if I play FarCry 2 or something....

Does anyone have any advice?

Many Thanks, Jeremy
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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