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Sat/OTA receiver - need help

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I've been out of the loop and would appreciate some advice.

I'm getting ready to take a step up on my system. Is their a product on the market now that has ALL of the following features:

DirecTV satellite HD receiver

OTA HD receiver



I currently have a Samsung 151 and it does a great job of pulling in OTA HD channels (so I like Samsung).

However, I'm under the impression that none of the current Samsung products have all the above features, am I correct?
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You are correct. Theres DirecTv HD boxes with DVI but no Firewire. Then theres a Samsung box that includes Firewire but it's OTA only (no DirecTv).
So Samsung is out. Does anyone make a box that meets my requirements?

I'm having fond memories of the days of SACD and DVD-Audio segregation.

:mad: :confused:
Nah, there's not even any DirecTv HD boxes at all with Firewire yet.. let alone Firewire and DVI. Theres the 169time modification of the DTC-100 to add Firewire capability to that box, but it doesnt have DVI of course.
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