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Hi guys,

I had a question on the difference between these 2 types of speakers. Basically my situation is, I just got a new Yamama HTR-5960 that is running for now with my old HTIB satellite speakers and sub. These Sony satellite speakers, being HTIB I am aware are not the best thing around so I am looking to upgrade to some decent speakers in the next couple of months.

The satellite speakers I have on are 6 ohm speakers and most of the mid priced Bookshelf speakers I see are 8 ohm (i was looking at Polk since I hear they sound good with yamaha receivers, so I looked into the RTi Line).

My question, being a newb at this, is...doesn't a 6 ohm speaker play "louder" than a 8 Ohm speaker? I checked other models of Polk speakers and whether they are satellite or Bookshelf they're all 8 ohms except for the Lsi line which is way over my budget....

I'll be honest the little cheap speakers i have on now don't sound all that bad, but they do look kind of puny...but I certainly wouldn't want to upgrade to a bigger speaker that i have to crank louder to hear the same level volume i do now.

Should I instead look into another brand of bookshelf speaker that may offer 6 Ohms? or is impedance not really that important (as I learned is the case with Watts in receivers)

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