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Satellite upgrade to bookshelves around $300

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Currently I have Rocket Onix satellite's (don't see these on av123 anymore). I want to upgrade.

First I want to upgrade my front speakers.

I'm looking for a pair of good bookshelf speakers for around $300 +/- $25. I want to get some ideas and then compare. I don't need anyone to tell me what to buy, but what to consider so I don't rule anything good out. So far I have:

JBL E50 (Ebay)

Axiom M3v2 (Factory)

Ascend CBM-170 SE (Factory; little more$)

Athena AS-B2.1 (Factory or Ebay)



Definitive Technology?


Any others to add to the list?

I appreciate your time and help.
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None will exactly match your center, but since you're upgrading one piece at a time, you can throw other Rocket speakers into the mix:

Ref 0.5s and X-LS for starters.

NTH, PSB, Paradigm, etc.
Looks like you have a good list going there, along with what Nhan suggested of course.

Nhan, how do you know which center he has?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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