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Demo in our company.

playing samsung demo program.

since this RPTV can upconvert all input to 720P.

I am not sure the picture is native 720P or converted one. But I

guess it is converted

What should I say? very impressed, I will say it just looks like a

50 inch SONY dirctview TV. colors, details, sharpness, all excellent.

I can understand why this TV is so hot in AVSforum. I can not say

how is the black, because there is no black scene in the demo.

But I try to check this point with some dark part or the depth, I

will say good. only one confuse is this thing using HD2 DMD, but

just marked as contrast 1000:1.

some weakness:

1, I did saw the motion picture is not very smooth, It is hard to

discribe, like losing some frames of the picture.

2, View angle, it is the best to keep your eyes lower than the

center of the screen, if higher, the picture becomes a little dim.

3, best view distance is 3.5-4 meters, I try to move closer, like

2.5m, still acceptable but not as good as before.

conclusion? with the price USD4000, I doubt any one will go to

the 50 inch plasma, but on the other hand I will say, this one is

not that perfect as I imaged.
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