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I saw the new Dwin at a home theater store in Los Angeles. First let me say that I have never really seen a digital front projector before, so I really dont really know what to look for.

Anyway, it looked real nice. Very sharp and bright. The colors seem wonderful and I really liked it. The guy turned on the lights and it was very watchable. I saw a high def hbo movie whiched looked very good and I was able to watch several movies from Fifth Element to Gladiator.

Tome the picture looked great. I didnt see any rainbow artifacts. I moved my eyes and head from the viewing distance and from about 2 feet from the screen.

You can see the pixel structure from about 2 feet,but from about 10 feet, you would have no clue it existed.

The blacks looked black and the reds looked red,but again I had nothing else to compare it with.

Anway, I am going to get it, the question is when.

On a side note, they also had a Vision One set up in a diffent rooming showing HD Discovery channel. God that was sweet.
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