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Saw the new graphics for MyReplayTV.com

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Nice logo/graphics, but I'll bet I can get my remote to beam down from orbit, if I hook it up to a car battery!

I'll try it... next time I'm up there!
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Well I guess a bunch of people have been checking it out...

Average hits per day have been steady, but they really spiked yesterday:

date: reqs: pages: Mbytes:

---------: ----: -----: -------:

2/Oct/00: 2631: 467: 7.137:

1/Oct/00: 355: 84: 1.327:

30/Sep/00: 422: 110: 1.650:

29/Sep/00: 511: 148: 2.125:


-=- Glenn -=-
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How do you do that? (check the stats for another site)

Good question. Maybe he has something to do with their site.

Or maybe their site tracks such data and he .... found the data. Most sites aren't very secure if you don't really care who sees what.

"It's like living in the future."â„¢

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