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Netgear Nighthawk R7300 DST Powerline Enabled Router with Access Point

Netgear and Best Buy entered into a new partnership to offer a complete whole home wifi solution named the Nighthawk R7300 DST. DST stands for Dead Spot Terminator. This is a unique and really powerful solution that candidly Im surprised it took this long for Netgear to offer.

The R7300DST is a Nighthawk AC1900 R7000 router (which many would say is the best AC1900 router available) which has a gigabit level powerline adapter built in. Included with the R7300DST is a companion DST Adapter which is a wall plug powerline enabled access point. Those of you who have dealt with installing access points know the most difficult aspect is getting a hardwire connection to access point which is an absolute requirement. The DST solution takes care of this using powerline technology.

On top of the creative hardware packaging Best Buy is offering 1 year of Geek Squad support as part of the deal. And in addition to the Geek Squad support they are also offering 6 months of premium virus protection.

Currently the Nighthawk R7300DST is only available from Best Buy. On my call with Netgear they stated they have no plans to offer it elsewhere at this time.

The price for the R7300DST is $299 which is actually quite reasonable. The R7000 is normally $199 and a combo of an Access Point and a powerline solution will cost you an additional $150-$200. So this is really a great deal adding to that the Geek Squad support too.

I asked about ongoing firmware support for the R7300DST and Netgear confirmed that this unit will follow the same path of firmware and feature enhancements the R7000 will get. The routers are the same except for the additional powerline built in.

The other nice aspect of this product is that if you need additional coverage you can buy more Nighthawk DST Adapters and just plug them in where you have coverage needs.

I might point out that this solution solves another issue. Most folks who buy repeaters tend to want to put them where they need coverage. When in fact the repeater needs to be placed where the signal is strong which is often a compromise where one needs added coverage. The DST solution works as you would think. Place a DST Adapter where you need it! And they plug right into the wall outlet so placement couldnt be easier.

The only thing about this is how well powerline will work in your home. Powerline is susceptible to line noise. The good news is it generally works with noise but will impact its speed. The only way to tell is to try it.

All support for the Nighthawk DST comes from Best Buy. You will deal with local help and US based support. This is a really interesting approach that brings the best of Netgear and the best of Best Buy together.

The Nighthawk R7300DST combo with Best Buy is a brilliant idea. I look forward to see how well it gets adopted. It solves so many issues in whole home WiFi deployment and does it with great value and terrific support included.

Check it out at Best Buy.


Bob Silver
Netgear Networking Advisor


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