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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a Samsung smart TV and have currently 3 connections to it. 1 is my PlayStation 4 1 android box and 1 cable TV. So these three are connected to the TV via HDMI cables.

On the audio side, I have an sb26 soundbar which was initially connected via an optical cable to the TV which really helped simplify my sound.

Unfortunately, about a month or two ago, the soundbar randomly stopped working via the optical cable (for some reason). The cables looked good (I tried a second optical cable incase the first was damaged but it also did not have any audio).

To bypass this, I connected the TV to the soundbar via Bluetooth connection to the soundbar.

This worked fine for awhile until a few days ago when I started noticing a cut in the audio in between people talking (the background noise would just go until someone started talking). This is as you can imagine quite annoying...

I am not sure what the problem is which is why I am hoping you lovely people can help me out.

Do you think it is a soundbar issue or a TV issue? Any way you know how I can get the optical connection working again?

Any help would be immensely appreciated!

Thanks for your support in advance!

P.S. Does anyone know what to do if the sb26 remote is lost?

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I used to have a SB26 but I replaced it with a Definitive Technology W Studio, so I am going from memory.

When I had the SB26, there was an app for my iPhone that had a remote control. There were apps for Andriod as well. That should work if your remote is lost.

Do you have another device with an optical output? You can connect that to the soundbar to see if that works. That can tell you if it is the TV or the soundbar.

I inadvertently broke the seating connection for the optical cable on my TV. The optical output still works, but I have to manually position the optical cable inside the connection to my TV. If I push it in too far, or not far enough, the optical output cuts out. Maybe you might have a similar thing going on with your TV.
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