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I'm curious what others (Bill Fitzgerald et al.) think about the accuracy of the information on SBIR on the following website:



In general, for two-way speakers you absolutely want to prevent nulls in the 40-80 Hz range, and try your best to avoid them between 80-200 Hz. For your typical studio monitor, that means the recommended speaker-to-wall distances are:

Good: Flush-mounted or as close to wall as possible (see manufacturer recommendations)
Okay: Up to 1 m (3′-3″)
Avoid: 1-2.2 m (3′-3″ to 7′-3″)
Good: Over 2.2 m (7′-3″)
Most of what's in the larger article jives with my current understanding of these issues, but I remember reading that while flush-mounted speakers are generally preferable from a SBIR perspective, after that it's best for mains to be at least a few feet or more away from front. This article makes it sound like on-wall speakers are generally preferable to placing speakers less than 7'-3" away from front wall.
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