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Hi Guys,

I recently had an Elite VSX--23TXH that went bad and BB decided to go ahead and replace. I was told that there is currently no comparable sku and that I would just get what I paid for the VSX-23TXH in return. With that said should I go with the VSX-53 (which I argued was the comparable model, both have 100 watts and 2 hdmi outs) or the SC-61?

I have been debating back and forth which to do, I already have to pay around $250 to get the VSX-53 and the SC-61 would be around $450 out of pocket. Is the class D amplification and the extra 15 watts per channel worth an additional $200 to get the SC-61??? Also noticed that the SC-61 isn't thx certified where as the vsx-53 is.

Any thoughts would help me make my decision easier, currently leaning towards just getting the sc-61.
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