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Scaler for Mitsubishi RPTV

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I am looking for a scaler or line doubler compatible with my Mitsubishi WS-73905 RP HDTV. The primary application for image improvement will be input from a Mitsubishi HD DirecTV receiver. Secondary application will for occasional VHS and a PVR (TiVo or other) down the road. I think I have DVD pretty well covered with a Denon 2800.

Currently, the (all of 2) HD stations look stunning. Image quality from the rest of the channels suffer from what I am told is a mediocre line doubler in the Mits.

The TV owners manual states it is compatible with 480i, 480p and 1080i only (although I read one AVS thread that indicates 540p is possible).

What unit do you recommend? Should I just get a low-end unit (such as iScan Pro) to improve 480p images or invest in one that can output 1080i or 540p?

You recommendations, input and experience will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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The Focus processor discussed a little here is the only reasonably priced scaler that will take progressive (ie 480p input.)

That being said, the way I do it is set the HD Satellite receiver to s-video out, run it through a Faroudja NRS @ 540p and into my Mits 65903. Basically the same TV as yours, with smaller guns and less input options :)
Can't you simply let the HD receiver scale everything to 1080i? I do this with the Zenith DTV1080 and the results are superb.
Letting the Faroudja deinterlace and scale 480i to 540p looks much superior to 480i->1080i coming from the satellite box.
I am using the NRS at 540p. HD source is passed-through at the native 1080i; all other 480i source is processed by the NRS to 540p.

Although I have one of the best progresive DVD players, I send an interlaced output to the NRS, since is does a superior job of deinterlacing & 3/2 pulldown, and 480p on the Mits shows scan lines. 540p is the sweet spot for Mits 7" guns.
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