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Sorry to bump an older thread but it seemed most on-topic.  I have a Denon avr-x4000.  I have two rooms - a theater and a bar area.  The theater has a 1080p projector (JVC x35).  The bar has 3 different screens.  One of these is reserved for Zone 2.  However, the other two screens are on the "Monitor" HDMI port for Zone 1 (using a powered splitter).  The problem I have is that, even when the these two tv's are turned off, the projector defaults to the lowest resolution.  This effectively means, I can never have 1080p on the projector without disabling the Monitor setting on the Denon.  Does this sound right?


Ideally, I'd like to watch 1080p on the projector and still watch the other two monitors at their highest resolution.  I know the Denon won't do this natively.  Can I put a Scaler/Splitter out on the Denon and accomplish this?  I'd really like to avoid a separate matrix as it's just more buttons to push...


Thanks in advance.  pC
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