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Scalers for FPTV's only?????

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Ive been reading quite a bit re: the DVDO VP30/50 and also the Lumagen products. Most if not all of the comments I have read however are from people that own Front Projection - Ruby's for example.

Myself, I own a new Mits 65" DLP. Are there benefits to be had with RPTV's, or are scalers really meant for the FPTV crowd?
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I'm using the Lumagen Pro HDP with my Mits WD-52725 RP, so yes these scalers can be used with RPTVs.

My main interest was to be able to fully calibrate my Mits and improve the SD signals from D*. The Lumagen allowed me to do both.

The Mits does not have the service menu adjustments that allow you to completely calibrate to D65 and the Lumagen does have the test patterns and adjustments to get you the rest of the way.

I feel it definitely helped my SD signals from D*, they are tolerable to watch now.

Any processor, in the Pro HDP price range should help in this area as well.

That's my $.02
It doesn't matter what type of display you have.
it really depends on the resolution properties of the device and the quality of the internal processor. Most RPTVs can benefit quite a bit from good processing.
It is useful if the internal scaler on the set is bypassable.
I'm using a VP50 with a 61" 1080P Samsung DLP RP set with excellent results. Even with the set only being capable of 1080i max on the HDMI inputs.
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