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So I recently got a 32" Samsung LCD TV, and I have been fooling around with settings to get everything looking fine connected to my 4850 via HDMI.

I'm running "just scan" on the TV with no overscan/scaling in ATI's CCC. Most stuff on my pc runs fine, but I'm having problems with a few games scaling badly on the screen.

When I run Crysis, Crysis Warhead, or CS 1.6, the menus are off center and in CS 1.6, not visible at all. When I try to line up the mouse to use the menus in Crysis, the mouse cursor has to be down and to the right of what it's trying to click. When I actually get into the game things are fine, running at different resolutions in full screen. CS 1.6 I can't access any of the menus, it looks like the picture is blown up bigger than the screen. If I connect via console, then in the game for some reason the crosshair always points straight up and spins around. I have tried to change resolutions and run in windowed mode, at lower resolutions it works but doesn't go full screen without problems.

Other games like Team Fortress 2 work fine, but their start up screens reflect what I get with CS 1.6, the logo that is supposed to be in the middle of the screen is down and to the right. Once to the front menu screen, however, the game corrects the problem and it's fine.

Anyone know what's going on? I'm using 8.12 drivers, running 1080p.
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