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I know there are a few threads on Lossy vs Lossless, but that is not what this is about.

Back in the early dvd days, when I was a young lad, us enthusiasts used to discuss scene after scene of great audio discs. We can all relate to the first time we heard Saving Private Ryan, or when we leapt at our subwoofer volume in The Haunting.

I thought I would start a thread where we can all share certain scenes where any a specific disc (HDDVD or Bluray) really wowed you. I'd like to keep this discussion not about lossy/lossless war, but more about the audio you heard, and the experience of listening to it.

Maybe a little criteria for organization:

Movie Title:

Audio Spec:

Chapter or section of film:

Your experience:

I'll start. I was completely wowed by one scene last night. For info sake here is what I listen with and view on. (Optoma HD70 front proj, 5.0 DIY speaker system, Pioneer Elite VSX01 receiver, PS3 via HDMI, HDA2 via HDMI).

The movie was 3:10 to Yuma, audio was uncompress PCM, second last chapter of the movie (Yuma Train rolls in).

The movie had great audio throughout, very directional and enveloping. But specifically when that train rolled in, it really didn't seem like my speakers where producing any sound, but instead my whole front wall. The train entered the scene from left to right and on an angle from front to back, and audio was incredibly 3 dimensional. Bass was very tight, and each chug of the steam engine shook the room a little. Not overwhelming fake base, but strong tight base. The clangs of the wheels and engine seemed to really fill in the space between my speakers as well.

It's a simple, subtle scene with exceptional bass and a deep, wide soundstage.
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