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Sceptre X30SV-NAGA III - 30 in.

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So, I picked up the Sceptre 30 in. LCD from Costco, and love it for price - except dark scenes, and some blur duing sports. Overall great though! Also, use it for my computer screen while sitting on couch - nice.

Anyone know if...

1) PC Drivers are available - I would like to try resolution other than default.

2) Remote codes - would like to use a universal remote, since the sceptre remote kinda sucks.

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Glad to see someone else enjoying their Sceptre. Price to Performance ratio simply cannot be beat.

There are no PC drivers available for this monitor. I use Powerstrip to run the monitor on top of my ATI drivers. For some reason I was getting a flickering on the right side of the screen. It went away after I used one of the custom timing settings for a 1280x768 LCD. I would not run this monitor from a PC with any other resolution than 1280x768, it just does not look that good set to anything other than it's native resolution (I'm using DVI from my RADEON 9800).

I have not found remote codes for this TV, but find that I get the best performance from the remote by pointing it at an angle about 45 degrees away from the remote sensor.
..my 30" Sceptre showed up from costco this morning..double boxed..well packed. Surprised there was no assembly required of the stand. Ready to go right out of the box. I don't have cable so I pluged a indoor set top antenna to it and turned it on. Well I was amazed how well it looks..I couldn't take my eyes off it. Was able to get most of the locals off that crummy indoor antenna. Seemed very bright so I reduced the brightness/contrast and color. The off angle viewing seemed nearly as good as a crt. The fit and finish of the Sceptre is very impressive. Well constructed..nothing flakey or trashy about it's appearance. Rather substantial construction. Didn't notice any buzzing or transformer related type noise during operation. The sound is on par for speakers of it's size and no doubt a sub woofer will go a long way in improving overall sonic balance. I really like the "fill" mode for standard broadcasts..a little stretched but not objectionable..so far so good. I'll watch a few dvd's over the next few days..all indications are..I'll be even more impressed with the Sceptre. So far I'am happy with it. :)
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Just got my new "Costco Connections" magazine/catalog and it appears that they will be knocking a "Benjamin" off of the price during the latter part of March.

At that price it may be time to pick up a second set for the bedroom.
I just got mine delivered yesterday.

Now, I know I shouldn't compare this to a plasma, but I cannot help but notice the difference.

I bought the unit to replace the bedroom plasma (the plasma will be going to the family room) and connecting DTV vis S-Video looked... well, not too good. I have not calibrated with AVIA or DVE but I calibraed it by eye only. Droped the color so the people do not look like they were living in the Sun and dropped the contrast and brightness too so there would be at least some shadows showing.

I don't expect too much with SD content, but I was hoping it was a little bit better than what I saw. I'm hoping a proper DVD Calibration will fix that. DVD viewing was better, but shadow detail was still lacking. I'm going to be messing around with it more over the weekend to see if I can get the colors to "pop" out more.

For now, I still have not decided if it will stay or if it is going back. I really want to like it cause it really fit's the budget. But we'll see what happens.
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Any Scepter X30 Naga III owners have feedback on the pixel performance of the Sceptre? with the Costco sale next week, I am seriously considering getting one - for that price, even mediocre performance would be worth it.

Still I am curious as to how well the unit performs with fast motion...is there any artifacting? How is the speed of the on/off pixels (is there ghosting)?

Typically these lower end LCD monitors fare well as PC monitors but are pretty boorish as TV monitors. Since there is so much more information being sent via VGA/WXGA interfaces, usually the PC performance is far superior. Hence I am curious if anyone has hooked one of these baby's up via the analog component cables? How does that look compared to DVI? How does 480P look compared to a true HD signal?

Thanks all!


You got PM
I am thinking about picking one up on the 28th when they go on sale at Costco. Does anyone have any more feedback on this unit, specificly DVD and SD tv.


I just got the philips 30" from Costco. I am thinking to switch to Sceptre for almost half of the price or go with the Syntax 32 from target for $100 more. The specs looks very similar on the Philips and Sceptre. I do not like the dark scenes and SD on the Philip. I wonder if it will be the same for the Sceptre. Or go with Syntax 32 which has better specs, 1200:1 contrast ratio, and 6ms response time.
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