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This may be too specific a question to have answered here, but I figure it is worth a shot.

I have high ceilings in the front of my room, but with a step up of 15" to the rear row of seating. In order to have an optimal throw ratio, though, the projector will be mounted towards the rear of the room where the ceiling is not as high. Thus, I need to have the Sony VW60 projector mounted to a lift to allow it to descend for movie viewing. I plan to use the Chief SL236 mount/lift system. I also plan on using the Schneider Cine-digitar lens with their Kino Torsion deployment system.

I just can't seem to find out if the lens/deployment system would be compatible with the lift (i.e. fit within the box with the projector fully elevated.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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