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Scorpion 3 light gun?

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Anybody have or tried the Scorpion 3 light gun on their RPTV or projectors?

It's supposed to be compatible with HDTV and 100Hz, but I still have doubts whether it's compatible with progressive-scan devices like my front projector...

A Google search produces some decent stuff, but I haven't been able to find a link to the manufacturer - seems that it's Blaze?

Here's one link about the product:
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I miss gun games.. it would be nice if it worked with my infocus X1.. :)
Blah, did more searching and found this link

which says it's not compatible with plasma or projectors.

Ah well, back to the TV...
NOPE. They don't work. I tried with the Guncon2. If you point it at the lens of the projector it will work however. I don't know how these light guns work, I assume they read the pixels off the TV somehow, so maybe they will work on a high gain screen
I looked up how light guns work on http://www.howstuffworks.com

It seems it tracks on the electron beam tracing, thus it doesn't work on non-beam devices such as LCD projectors.

Do you have a CRT projector? It might work by pointing at a CRT projector (probably why RPTVs work).

I have an Infocus X1 DLP. I don't know if the Guncon2 actually worked, but the game longer said that the gun was off the screen when I pointed at the lens.
Oh well, back to hooking up the regular TV for gun-action...
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