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Power up!
Sequenced amp power-up when I turn on my main sources

"Let's all go to the lobby!"

outdated pics

Equipment List


Oppo BDP-103d Universal Blu-ray Player
Oppo BDP-203 UHD Blu-ray Player
Sony MDS-JE510 Minidisc Player

  • Win 10 Pro 64-bit
  • Intel i7 4770k
  • Geforce GTX-970
  • Silverstone GD-08 HTPC case
AV Electronics
Yamaha CX-A5100 preamp processor
(3x) Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive Pro digital crossover

(3x) Samson SX1200 amplifier (mid/hf)
(3x) Behringer EP4000 amplifier (midbass)
Behringer NU4-6000 iNuke amplifier (side and rear surrounds)
Behringer NU4-6000 iNuke amplifier (front and rear overheads)
Behringer NU4-6000 iNuke amplifier (bridged - rear subwoofers)
Behringer EP2500 amplifier (subwoofer riser)
Cerwin Vega CV-5000 amplifier (front subwoofers)

Sony HW-40ES 1080p 3D Projector

Seymour AV Center Stage UF material (DIY frame - 126" diagonal 16:9 acoustically transparent)

(3x) Custom 3-way cinema LCR speakers
- (JBL Pro 2226j 15" midbass, 10" midrange hornloaded, SEOS12 hf horn Denovo DNA-360 compression driver) - full active
(4x) JBL Pro 8330 surround speakers (side and rear surrounds)
(4x) JBL Pro 8330 surround speakers (front and rear overheads)
(4x) Dual Opposed sealed 18" subwoofer (DIY - Stereo Integrity HT18d4) (front subs)
(2x) Dual Opposed sealed 18" subwoofer (DIY - Sound Splinter RLp18d4) (rear subs)
Subwoofer Riser (DIY - 2x Sound Splinter RLp18d4)

Acoustic Materials
Owens Corning OC703 4" rigid fiberglass
Knauf ECOSE 2" "eco-friendly" rigid fiberglass
GIK Acoustics Gridfusor diffusion panel
and many foam products of various thicknesses

Equipment Rack
Omnimount RE27
Sonax ML-1220 Component Rack

copper ones


Harmony 650 remote

(2x) Furman PS-8R Power Conditioner/Sequencer

An uncomfortable futon

Subwoofer Riser Platform

Additional Construction Pictures


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Main Frequency Response

notes included in photo

**as of 7/16/2016**

Bass Tone Control

I can't to go by with just ONE bass response. Some movies just need that bit more bass and sometimes there is one that needs to be tamed a bit. Or maybe I just feel like having more or less depending on my mood. With much trial and error I found that simply adjusting the BASS TONE CONTROL on the Yamaha to bet the most convenient and useful way to manage my need for changing the response on-the-fly. This next graph shows the effects of this tone control (only CC shown) and it's total range.

Notes included in photo.

**frequency response shown as of 7/16/2016**

Tactile Response

This information is related to the TACTILE RESPONSE of this system. These measurements were taken from a Nexus 7 tablet using the VIBSENSOR app available on the Android market (iOS also available). Essentially this information is showing the response shape and power of the TACTILE RESPONSE which is different from the above FREQUENCY RESPONSE graphs. Frequency response, as you know, is the audible range measured. These tactile response graphs show how you FEEL the bass. Frequency response shows you what you HEAR.

For more information about Vibsensor and the topic of TACTILE RESPONSE see this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-s...8090-vibsensor-accelerometer-test-thread.html


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As somebody who is a big fan of the "wall of sound" look and sound, job well done. I bet it sounds awesome. Though I think I see a couple of square inches of free space where you could have probably added another speaker...whats up with that slacker??? :p:D

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Love the mad scientist approach Scott. I like to think of you in your room with a white lab coat and goggles conjuring up your next permutation. Just one evolving experiment. Thanks for sharing all your experience with us.

What are the white things on the horns that look like little pieces of paper?

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Thanks guys! :)

What are the white things on the horns that look like little pieces of paper?
Grant, I took that picture while I was still assembling everything and had labels "L, C and R" on each to keep consistency. They aren't on there anymore.

Rap music and beer in that thing would be freakin awesome. Lol
Everything is awesome in this thing. :D
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