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Scratch proof DVD's?

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TDK Scratchproof DVD-R’s media, what is your experience with this product?

TDK claims it to be an ideal archive media, much more dust and scratch resistant.

My concern is machine compatibility and an increase in “burn†errors.

Please post your experiences.
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I've tried Maxell's version of these: "MaxPro Hardcoat Technology". They're made in Japan and the discs themselves show a media code of MXL RG03. While I haven't subjected them to any scratch testing, the burns I did were very good - the three discs I've used so far showed the lowest PIE rates of any discs I've burned on my Pioneer 633 (but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll fare as well with other burners).
Thats funny I use Pioneer also.

The TDK run about .60 each in bulk, total for DVD and case under .75.

I think I will order and do a little testing!
The TDK "Armor plated" DVDRs that I'd purchased over a year ago are still working fine.

I switched to Verbatim with VideoGuard technology about six months ago. I tried the steel wool test on one of the Verbatim discs, and it does still play.

And being TDK is not manufacturing their own DVDRs any longer, it's a crapshoot as to who is supplying the discs for them.

The extra protective layer on these type of discs does resist rough handling better than standard discs, but it's really the dye that counts when it comes to longevity. Verbatim prides itself on using high quality AZO dye that supposedly will stand the test of time. So far I have Verbatim discs that are four years old, and they are still playing without a problem. This of course is not the case with many other brands I've tried.

Verbatim will soon be releasing a special archival quality DVDR. You can read about it here: http://www.dvdcreation.com/articles/...e.jsp?id=38076

I guess only time will tell :)
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Originally Posted by videonut
I tried the steel wool test on one of the Verbatim discs, and it does still play.
Just out of curiosity, did you try the same test on an ordinary DVD?
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