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...and I'm hoping to get pointed in the right direction into fixing it.

I feel sick to my stomach that it happened and I've been looking all over the internet trying to find something that tells me it can be fixed.

I found a post on reddit replying to someone that scratched their Gorilla Glass phone, and since the XBR-55HX929 has a Gorilla Glass screen, I thought the following quote might be relevant:
You absolutely can remove scratches from gorilla glass. I have been successful with the following polishing compounds that are made specifically for touch screen panels...

Be careful using any power tools as they can easily burn the digitizer if not on a slow enough setting. Personally, I have hand buffed smartphone touch screens with the above compound and a glass polishing cloth.

And yes, the oleophobic coating will be worn down during the buffing process but can easily be reapplied using kits sold on Amazon.com, other websites, or here...

The purpose of the oleophobic coating is similar to the clear coat over your car's paint job. It gives the surface a slick and smooth feel and promotes a cleaner surface by repelling water, dirt, oils, etc. It is a very thin layer that can be reapplied with a highlighter type marker after the scratches are fixed, or improved if they are too deep.

IF this is accurate and relevant to my TV, maybe someone here could give me a little more insight on how this works.

I am very desperate, but I want to do this right.

Any help would be appreciated.

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