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Screen Advice - Barco G 801 - DIY or buy?

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I am a big newbie to the CRT thing http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/tongue.gif

I have recently arranged the purchase of a used Barco Graphics 801 and a Quadscan Scaler...

I have read hundreds of posts on screen recommendations, however it gets confusing after a while.

I am a pretty handy guy so I am not opposed to the DIY route, however I want something that will perform well.

I will be ceiling mounting the Barco and am hoping to get a 96" wide 16:9 screen.

- I can easilly mount a melamine board (or ?) and paint it for a DIY screen, but not sure how to really go about making one that would perform well.

- I can afford a used screen, but not sure the best to buy... Seems like the Stewart 1.3 is very popular here. Also I live in Vancouver Canada so any recommendations for good Canadian sources would be great.

Thanks for your time!


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