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Hello. After reading, what seems like, dozens of threads relating to screen choice, I remain befudled. The size and distance are easy enough to figure out, it's the screen material and the myriad of options that have me scratching my head.

What I know.....I am setting up a home theatre in a room that is also a playroom. I will be using a tab tensioned motorized screen with a 110" diagonal. My Marantz vp4001 projector will be about 12' back with 1200 lumens and a 6500:1 contrast ratio. Seating will be at about the same distance.

The walls of the room are yellow and the cieling (at 9 feet) is white. The room gets lots of light through many windows...we will mostley be watching movies at night. Painting the walls and or cieling is not an option.

I have just recentley bought the projector and have used it only 3 times, for outside movies using an inflatable screen I bought from Home Depot. I have been blown away, thus far, with the picture. I am looking forward to seeing what the projector can do with a better screen.

I have been looking at a Stewart with the 'studiotek 130 G3" material but am not sure this is the best screen material for my situation.

Any sugestions would be most appreciated. I am, of course, on somewhat of a budget, but really want a screen that I won't soon outgrow and that will perform well over a period of years.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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