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Screen Advice?

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I currently have an old Sony projector (9" tubes) displaying on a 84" 4:3 Vutec high-gain curved screen. I'm using a HTPC and just got 1920x1080 60p working, so I'm interested in a new screen. By suspending a 96" wide white sheet over the Vutec, I've determined that I'm looking for a ~83"x47" 16:9 screen. I'd like it to be motorized and wall mounted.

My HT is a rather small room, but we have packed as many as 12 into it. We sit on-axis about 11' from the screen. The projector is mounted directly overhead (inside a very robust quiet box) and aligned with the top of the screen.

I've looked at Stewart, Draper, Vutec and several others and am bewildered by the vast array of materials and options!

My wife likes to have a little light on in the room, so I'd like a >1 gain, but I'm concerned about hot spotting. Viewing angle isn't much of an issue since 90% of the time viewers are within 20 degrees. How do I sort through all the material options and know which would be best for my configuration?

How important is side tensioning? Do non-tensioned screens really curl up?

I use an X10 controller to turn the projector on and off. Can the screen be rigged up to operate with the same on/off signals from the controller?

Any selection assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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This has to be one of those individual preference things.A high quality screen such as the Stewart film screens up to 2.0 gain,in my opinion, don't have that much hot spotting.I'm using the videomatte 200 with approx a 2.0 gain and the image quality is wonderful! In black and white one can see a little color shifting in that the right side is a little more blue and the left side is a little more reddish. I personally feel that the additional light output is easily worth it. My screen is 107" wide @ 16x9. My HT is 16'x25' with seating access on both sides so there is very little off axis seating however.I know I'm going to get in trouble for this but I'm not sure what the reason would be for going way down to 1.3.The additional engagement to the image with the added light and at the same time the superior image quality of CRT just can't be overstated.
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