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Screen Construction

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Does anyone have any information on screen construction ?. I have purchased the screen, Da-lite and have constructed a frame, now I am wondering about the

best way to attach it to the frame. Direct would be one way via velcro around the edges, another would be to construct a second frame for the screen and have the first go over the

second. Any thoughts anyone, much appreciated

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I suggest you do a search for "mounting" using the search button above. There are many threads on this subject.
I used staples to attach Draper M2500 material to a wooden frame. The M2500 material is rather flexible, and the screen have stayed flat and nice for about a year. I put some double sided tape on the frame before stapeling to prevent the material from ripping.

I will probably replace the material due to hotspotting and color shift.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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