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screen for an apartment

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I need a screen for use with an infocus sp5000 (or possibly a panasonic AE900 if I can find one locally and the picture has enough of an improvemnt to justify the cost). There will be ambient light in the room (4th floor, bay windows...), and it is an apartment so I would prefer not to have to screw anything into a wall as that will probably induce large moveout costs. Any suggestions would be appreciated, would like to keep it in a reasonable price range (less then $500, and the lower the better), and room is about 15feet wide, so want approximately 92" screen (give or take).
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I just ordered one of these:


I also live in Apt (2nd floor of 2 family house). Have ZERO problem screwing something into wall (that is what spackle is for), but I have no wall to use.

I have a 9' wide wall unit my 32" sits in nw and this has to go in front of that.

Was thinking of rigging a mount for a manual pulldown, but this seems to be better option.

I ordered the 45x80 92" diag in Soectar view 1.5 gain for around $260 delivered.
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thanks, I had seen that and their instaview screens, tripod's prices arent bad though it is kind of ugly, instaview is nicer but price a bit higher (around $400).
apparantly I am allowed to screw something into the wall so this becomes pretty easy.
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