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Screen for LT155

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Hi {inserst collective noun for people interested in AV stuff},

I've pretty much decided on buying the NEC LT155 (LCD) projector so now all I have to figure out is: Which screen? Does anyone have any suggestions (with web site references preferably).

My profile:

- Would watch mostly (i.e. 92.4%) DVD's via the component (RGB) input on the projector.

- Would watch them mostly at night, with dimmed or no lights.

- Would mount the projector on the roof.

- Would sit ~2.5 m (~10 ft) from the screen and a relatively broad viewing angle would be needed, say 100 degree.

- I don't mind a manual pull down type (saves money) and it must be ceiling mountable (naturally).

- Budget.....good question....let's say US$600-700.

I'm curious about the aspect ratio as well. Given the above criteria it would seem a widescreen would be appropriate (and indeed desirable) though what measures do I have to take when watching full frame video or broadcast TV.


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