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Screen for "no ambient light" environtment?

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It seems everyone is talking about the high gain Silverstars, Highpowers, etc. and how they are better at rejecting ambient light, etc. etc. The part I like is where images pop out from the screen, and the colors are amazingly vibrant.

I have a dedicated HT room with very dark walls and complete control over ambient lights. I do not want to watch the Oscars or the Superbowl in my theater. But I would like the vibrant colors of the High-gain screens

My question is for such a dedicated, dark, movie-only, environment, which screen would work the best with an Optoma H31? This pj supposedly has excellent contrast, good blacks and brightness. I'll be going with a 92" wide, 16:9 screen.


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Alan Gouger has a Silverstar screen in a light controlled room and seems to love it. The Silverstar isn't designed to create rich blacks, but will make your screen look bright and vibrant, as you mentioned. It depends on what you're personal tastes are. Tryg loves the Silverstar, but also High Power screens, because IMO he likes the punch. I mention him because he has done mounds of research, and has come to the opinion high gain is preferable. I say "preferable" to him, and others, but not all.

I've seen the Silverstar and really liked it, and in fact ordered one. I haven't seen a high power. I'd love to compare it. I do understand that the Silverstar has a wider viewing angle, whereas the high power's viewing angle is narrower.

As far as your projector, I see no reason why it wouldn't work great with a high gain screen.
Thanks Charlie. I am leaning towards the Da-lite Highpower right now. Silverstar is even more expensive than the projector I am considering :).

I think I should stop reading posts now and just go ahead with the Optoma H31 and a 92" wide Highpower.
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