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Screen for Samsung SP-H710

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I have decided to purchase the Samsung SP-H710 as it appears to be a good projector for the price. Can anyone provide me with recommendations on the appropriate screen to utilize with this projector.


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Joe Kane productions recommends Stewart GreyHawk RS or Studiotek for best color accuracy. See the Samsung H710AE thread for full discussion of this and for other's selections of less expensive alternatives. i'm using a 92" diagonal Firehawk with mine and the picture is terrific. I suggest a grey screen if you want to maximize black level, which is not this pj's greatest strength.
I am using a 118" Carada BW and it is jaw-dropping for quite a bit less than the StudioteK...
I will be going with a 110" Carada BW when my theater is complete. As discussed in the main 710 thread, the Carada BW has been compared favorably in reviews as a screen with many of the same characteristics as the Studiotek130, which was used to optimize this projector. If price were no object, I'd purchase that screen, but the Carada is substantially less.

Note also that the GreyHawk vs. Studiotek recommendation by Joe Kane Productions is based on a size cutoff (smaller screens, GreyHawk, large ones the Studiotek).
I, like a few others, have this projector on backorder from AVS. I was also planning on going with the 110" Carada BW because of its excellent value.

However, I've also read some posts on the Silverstar and its peaked my interest. While its definitely more expensive, many have raved about it's 'punch'.

Anyone seen this combination? Any thoughts one way or the other?

I really like my Silverstar! I have a Z4 and it definitely adds that needed punch at least for me and I think its benefits far outweigh its minor negatives. Viewing angle is very good with no drop off of brightness or hotspotting that I can see from around 25 degrees. The only slight negative is that on very bright scenes with lots of white, you can see an occasional sparkle/grainy pitted look to the image.

I am also considering this projector as an upgrade. The review that Jason did on this projector was with the Silverstar. See his review at www.avscience.com if you havn't already.
Waiting on mine from AVS as well. I am leaning toward the 110" Carada too. In a number of places, has been compared very favorably to the Studiotek. The price is hard to beat.
I am using the Carada Brilliant White screen for mine. It's 110" and is quite nice. If I were you, I would consider Carada. Great product and great customer service to boot!!
I too am a member of the backorder crew (we should start a support group :) ) and I am probably going to shelf mount my Sammy and use the Da Lite High Power screen. One of this projectors greatest assets is its ability to lens shift, which makes it a jewel for those of us looking for an over the shoulder projection. I will buy my screen after I have owned the projector for a bit. I want to be one hundred percent sure that I am buying the right screen size for my environment. I am not sure if 133†will be too big for my setup. If it is, I will purchase a 120†High Power Cinema Contour screen.

I have sampled a small 18â€x 26†piece of the SilverStar. It is just as brilliant as everyone describes. It is super bright, its good in ambient light, and bright images sparkle like tassels at a Vegas show. I for one could not stand the sparkles. I have them currently on my RPTV and will be very happy to be rid of them. If you can look past the sparkles and you do not want to go beyond 120†then, for a bright image, I think this is the screen to beat.
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Well, I can't decide whether to get a Da-Lite High Contrast Matte White or High Power screen. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with these screens?
Originally Posted by FremontRich
Well, I can't decide whether to get a Da-Lite High Contrast Matte White or High Power screen. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with these screens?
I dont have either one ? but I do have the 2x2 foot samples and both have there pros and cons

I am thinking of getting a HP as a 2nd screen for some shows its nice and bright things like CSI etc.. primetime TV shows and such on the HP are like a huge plasma ;) but in nice dark movies the darks are not dark enough for me ? and the whites can be to white and bright and look almost fake ?

but like anything its all personal ;)

the HCMW is a nice screen that has nice darks and nice clean whites still but not as nice as the firehawk which I want to get as my main screen and get rid of the matte white one I have now
I dont have the perfect HT room (light colored walls, but complete light control). Did not want to spend money on a Stewart - decided to go with Dalite. Local dealer let me try a couple of screen materails (HCCV, CV and the Pearlescent). Decided to go with the HCCV (light gray base + 1.1 gain). Amazing picture. Would definitely recommend the HCCV for this proj (since it is very similar to the Greyhawk plus the slightly higher gain)

Hope that helps. Good luck !
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