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Screen Help with Sanyo Z3

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Newbie here needs advise.

Basement/No outside light/great light control.

Sanyo Z3

What is the best screen for this environment?

DIY? What config?

Thanks for the help
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I have an Elitescreen 100" Pull down screen. It works great.

Do a search in the Z3 thread and you will find info on this topic. With today's projectors you can get away with a less expenive screen because they are so bright. 5 or 6 years ago the projectors needed more help in the brightness area.
Go to the DIY screen thread for more info... I have diy screen goo. I help my neighbor setup his AE700U and we used the Behr silverscreen I found in the DIY Screen thread. We just painted it on the wall. I would have tried it first if I knew when I did mine... not bad for
It depends on hpw much money you want to spend on a screen.....get a Da-Lite High Power screen....sort of expensive but depends on size of screen.....or get a Graywolf screen by panoview for around $130.00....or paint the wall which is very cheap and works great........like i said how much $$$$$$ do you want to spend?I have a Graywolf 106"..and love the picture it gives with Z3..........but if I ever buy another screen ...I would not hesitate buying Da-lite High Power screen....
Keep in mind that with the High Powere screen ..there has to be complete darknessd.......which you have:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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