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I'm getting to the point of purchasing my big ticket items and staging for finish. Not certain what screen to go with. I'm looking at budget items, but not cheapest. I've decided on the Epson 8350 for its lower input lag, brightness, and placement flexibility. I've attached a couple pictures of the basement to help. Currently, it will serve as TV 60%, Gaming 30% and Movies 10%. I've zoned the lighting as you can see. The other half of the room will be for the kiddoes and their toys (attempting to keep them out of the upstairs living room). When they grow up I'd like to utilize that space for pool table and such.


A few other notes...I intend on blacking out the windows and sliding glass door with a window tint and Blackout EZ thought most of the viewing will be at night time anyways. The soffits have been trimmed out but not painted. They will be a dark dark purple (my wife and daughters selection, though I must say I think it will look good).


The throw will be 12' for the project and I'm looking at either 120" or 135" centered between the two can lights on the far wall. Haven't finalized that portion yet. Any help you folks can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. 


For reference, the room is 31' long and about 15' wide (at its widest). Ceilings are 9' at highest and 7' 10" under soffits.


Thanks in advance!


Standing in bathroom doorway looking WEST..TV area lights OFF


Standing by breaker box looking EAST towards bathroom door.


Standing to the South of the Breaker box on WEST wall.


Standing in bathroom doorway looking WEST with PJ area lights on.
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